The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework

Victoria remains the site of a humanitarian crisis in Aboriginal homelessness

The Victorian Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework comes from a new perspective. To move beyond crisis management of Aboriginal housing and to achieve housing equity we will require a fresh approach which addresses each of the drivers of housing outcomes.

What is required is the movement of Aboriginal people across all of the housing tenures and possibly the creation of some new tenures.

Mana-na woorn-tyeen maar-takoort translates to 'Every Aboriginal Person has a Home' in the Gunditjmara dialects.

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5000+ additional social housing units for Aboriginal people by 2036

Our Vision

Every Aboriginal person has a home.

Our Purpose

Aboriginal Victorians achieve quality housing outcomes in a generation

Our Challenge

To meet demand for 27,000 new Aboriginal Households by 2036

Our Goals

1. Secure housing
improves life outcomes

2. Build supply to meet the needs
of a growing Aboriginal population

3. Open doors to home
and private rental

4. An Aboriginal focused
homelessness system

5. A capable system that
delivers Aboriginal housing needs

Targets to Drive Change

To drive change across all areas of the Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness Framework, the Victorian Government and the Aboriginal community should:

  1. Embed Aboriginal housing targets in all relevant mainstream and Aboriginal policies, strategies and programs;
  2. Strengthen housing targets in the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework with the addition of agreed measures of progress; and
  3. Adopt a small number of targets designed to drive effort in areas that are essential to improving housing outcomes.

We suggest the following targets and areas:

  • Rates of Aboriginal homelessness reduced by 10% per annum compounding for 10 years.
  • Aboriginal social housing allocations are monitored annually to ensure Aboriginal people receive a proportionate share of new tenancies
  • 5000+ additional social housing units for Aboriginal people by 2036.
  • Aboriginal targets in the Victorian Agreement with the Commonwealth under the National Affordable Housing Agreement (NAHA).
  • One percent of surplus Government land that is allocated for social housing is allocated to Aboriginal Housing organisations.



If you have questions or comments please contact Peter Jones, Senior Policy Officer, Aboriginal Housing Victoria –


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